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I have taken all my cars (including my son and daughter’s cars) to Willard King and Robert Cairns for the past 16 years. I have never been disappointed with the service they have given us and continually recommend them to all my friends. Sunset Hills Automotive is the only repair shop I use.

Marty Fischer

Reston resident since 1971

Ladies and gentlemen, look no further. This is the mother ship of all automotive shops. There is no shop like this anywhere around. These guys are more professional than any I've ever seen in this business. Each guy was as friendly as can be. They also take AAA.

Members of my family are professional race car drivers in Indiana. They own their own shop's there. I grew up racing. I know what I'm talking about. I took my antique sports car here. I normally am nervous to let anyone near it. I never let anyone drive it. Not only did they set my nerves at ease, they took extra great care of me and my car.

This shop is massive! It can handle the major stuff, most shops can't. They have 14 lifts! The waiting room is equipped with fresh filtered water, plenty of magazines and Keurig coffee. Need I say more? Check out my pictures.

Thank you to all of you, at Sunset Hills Automotive. I am leaving with a smile. I will be back. :-)

See you next time,


I'll start saying that I normally hate going to auto parts for many reasons. Long waiting, high costs, fees that you didn't expect, etc. Well, I just got my oil and filter changed here today and what a good surprise! Fast, reasonable price, comfortable chairs to seat in, friendly people and coffee! I'm thankful.

-Gre B.

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